Celebrate Your Superhero

Whether it’s someone who’s been a rock for you in challenging times, or simply someone who’s faced up to some tough challenges themselves, let’s celebrate all our Superheroes right here, right now and give them the fanfare they all deserve!

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Logan Carr

"Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles"

Our brother Elliott

To our brilliant brother who fought courageously till the end. We love you forever ❤️

Franck Hewitt

You are so brave. We are so proud of you. You are a true Super Hero. We love you to the moon and back! Keep fighting Cancer #francksfight

Our Hero George

Celebrating George who has been so brave and courageous since being diagnosed with PTCL NOS. He has had a fair few complications from treatment but is doing so well. His love of football has kept him going & we can’t wait for the day he can hopefully get back on the pitch! Also celebrating all the brave & beautiful children & parents we’ve met on this awful journey x


Our brave little superstar. Missed so much. You truly shown everyone what courage and determination is. Love you always ❤

Elliott Cantrell

To our best pal and nephew. What a fantastic superhero! We miss you every day. A 6 month battle sadly lost. Beautiful boy with a beautiful smile! X

Andrea Cantrell

To our very own superhero! You are amazing! We love you! That’s all that needs to be said!🐢

Elliott Joseph Cantrell

To my superhero Elliott who is the bravest and most courageous boy I know! Fighting cancer for a gruelling 6 months, never complaining and always smiling. Sadly lost his battle on 21st April 202 💔

Pamela Williams

Mum, you were my absolute rock throughout my treatment back in 2000, and I can't thank you enough for the endless love and support you've always given me. Just wanted to say, you're my hero, and you always will be. Love you xxx

My hubby Vinnie

He snores REALLY loud, and eats crunchy stuff REALLY loud when I’m watching TV, and does a hundred other things that drive me insane ... but then, he puts up with me doesn’t he so he deserves a medal for that alone. He is my superhero because, quite simply, he has turned my life around, supported me, and made me so much more than I ever believed possible. He is the backbone of our family, our problem solver, our strength. He is the rock I cling to and I am happy to be his barnacle.


Cohen always says his super power would be to fly but he’s already a superhero to us fighting stage 4 alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma from the age of 4! He is doing so well now he’s on maintenance chemo and had his first clear scan we hope his super powers will carry on fighting this!!


My grandson Hunter, diagnosed at 10 months of age with JMML (rare blood cancer) He endured two bone marrow transplants and many, many months of treatment in hospital, then suffered many side effects. He proved to me how strong little children can be, he is a warrior and a fighter to survive this ordeal. Now aged 6 and a very funny and beautiful boy. Grandmum's Hero.

Aaliyah pearman

Since 23rd September 2020 Aaliyah was diagnosed with a very rare form of clear cell cancer a day before her birthday. When we were told she did not cry even when she was told she would never have children her answer was I can adopt. She has endured intense radiotherapy and chemo never complained about pain caused by blisters and internal pain or feeling sick after chemo. Through everything she has carried on with her art coursework and been so positive and low and behold she’s in remission 🥳

Elaine Holdsworth

“If I could be a superhero, I wonder which I’d be. Maybe I should try to find the hero inside me.” Thanks for putting up with me, Elaine. That’s some superpower you have xxx

My friend Pooky (yes that's her real name!)

This is a strong woman, brought up with many problems that led to suicidal tendencies and attempts, Depression,Anxiety, PTSD, Anorexia, Dyslexia and eventually a diagnosis of Autism. She has brought up two lovely daughters and despite still suffering from all of the above she has fought her way through, for now; she is a tireless worker in the field of mental health studies and education, has achieved a Doctorate in MH Studies, been involved at government level talks about MH. Inspirational!

Mary Curran

My mother has been a superhero fighting off Covid 19 at 90 years old, it’s been a really challenging time for her having to isolate and shield. She has proven her superpowers to us all.

Simon Meyrick

Simon is the most phenomenal consultant who treats Oscar like a friend and has been there for him throughout his treatment and beyond. He is calming, caring and passionate about being there for the children. All the children in his care love him and he loves them as well.

Finlay Boyd

My son intelligent, handsome boy who is turning into a fine young man. He looked after me when I was sick too xx

My daughter Claire

My daughter, just over three years ago, had to go through every women's worst nightmare, labour knowing that you would not be taking your baby home. She has handled this with the most amazing character and then the anxiety of another pregnancy whilst awaiting tests to check that the same would not happen. Our beautiful Fallon was born 18 months ago and has had to endure the mad world we are all living in at the moment but throughout all this, her mum has been there for her. She is a Superhero!

My eldest daughter Emily

My daughter spent three years in and out of hospital with multiple surgeries growing up. In spite of all the pain she went through she has grown into the most loving, generous funny and kind adult. Through this past crazy year with the pandemic she has worked even harder than usual at her job. As a teaching assistant she has had to go into school through lockdown and on the days she wasn’t there she was teaching live lessons remotely or recording video lessons. I’m so super proud of her!

My hubby Jez

As well as working full time, Jez has been helping his parents so they can isolate and stay well. He shops for them as well as us, does jobs for them that they aren’t able to. Always there to chat to them when things get a bit much. He makes sure I’m looked after and well fed after the long days I work out on the road. We really do help each other through these trying times esp mentally. X