Calling all shoe divas!  Share your most awesome/favourite/shocking shoes with us and tell us how they make you feel.

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Mollie's Supershoes

Thank you so so much for Mollies Shoes. She absolutely loves them ❤

All ladies who love high-heels on special occasions !

These days I live in boots, I am a countrywoman, (mostly) !

Beckys supershoes

Don’t even have words for these honestly the most important things I own


Slow and steady wins the race. Come rain or shine we’ll weather that storm together supergirl

Amelia Spalding

Stepping out to school in your Supershoes, proud Mummy moment right there x

Puddle lovers!

Ellie learnt to walk during lockdown and, as we haven't been allowed inside anywhere, has spent much of her life in wellies.. she now adores them and turns her nose up at normal shoes!

Kip's special Supershoes!

Kip's Supershoes are awesome. #smellypantswee

Super Beth's Supershoes

Thank you from all of us, such an amazing gift we are all grateful and chuffed to bits! Such an amazing thing to do for kids in need of positivity in their lives.

My Mum & Dad

My new shoes make me feel like a kid again! As a baby of the 70’s this kitch design reminds me of the ones on my crib. I love them and can’t stop smiling 😁

The heel lovers

My wedding shoes so I can reach my 6ft 3 husband-to-be 👠

My Favourite Shoes!

Proud to play for Reading FC Women's in them!

All my family and friends

My favourite shoes are my walking boots! They bring back warm feelings of walking with family and friends.They are so comfortable even in deep mud! This photo shows my boots and a friends wellies at Glastonbury 2016 just before we saw Coldplay on the Pyramid Stage!!

Summer Vibes!

These are my favourite shoes! They are perfect for the summer months and are a fabulous pastel pink! Pastel colours always remind me of the sun and sunsets 🌅

All my friends

I love these shoes, although I haven't worn them for ages, and I'm not sure I can still get into them. They bring back happy memories of dancing at weddings. I suspect didn't wear them for long, once I started dancing though!

Fans of flats

These shoes always put a spring in my step

Shoes speak louder than words

Some of my words

Kelli Parnham

My welly (right) and my best friend's welly (left) at Beautiful Days festival 2008. It was our first time going there and enjoyed it so much we didn't even mind the rain.

My Mum, Anne

Me and my sisters all had the same shoes growing up as Mum worked in a shoe shop and was so particular about the shoes we were allowed to wear, at 82 she still comments if my shoes look shabby!

Lawrence Laidlow

Thank you for always believing in me. xxx

The good old days !

Never wear them any more. These days I am only to be seen in comfortable boots !

Everyone needing some rainbow sparkles

A bargain pair of colourful and sparkly Dr Martins. Always get noticed. X

All the Mermaids

Never been worn!! My inner mermaid (which to be fair I had no idea existed) saw them and she couldn’t resist! They make me smile, everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives.... no matter how sassy! x 🤣

To anyone who needs some sparkle in their lives

My glitter converse are my favourite shoes at the moment. When I first got them I wouldn't choose them as my go to casual shoe as didn't want to ruin them, but I soon realised they needed to be worn and join me on my daily adventures to add sparkle and smiles to my days. Comfy and pretty it's a win win..

All people

I have lots of red shoes, this is favourite at the moment 😎Red colour gives me comfort and confidence ❤️

My happy shoes - my walking boots! 🥾 🥾

My most favourite shoes are my walking boots. If they are on my feet then I’m at my happiest, doing what I love...walking my dogs 🌧 or ☀️. I’ve walked 300 miles in them so far this year and they have to be the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned!


These shoes remind me of @Supershoes because I started painting for them in memory of my wife. These were done in lockdown 1 and featured some of my favourite art movements